Project Energy 2 Industrial Building

Highland Roofing Company completed new roof construction for the largest industrial building project in the company’s history. The speculative industrial building, located in Greensboro, NC, spans a total of 402,000 square feet. Highland installed the single-ply TPO membrane roof material, the most common choice for industrial buildings in the SE area. Highland was also selected to install the beginning stages of the HVAC upfits as seen in the video below.

Due to the roofing material shortage, the project required a high level of attention to meet the project completion deadline. Despite the challenge, Highland Roofing delivered. Led by Highland’s experienced production team, Highland strategically planned to accept the roofing materials 3-4 months ahead of time, instead of risking receiving materials past the general contractor’s project deadline. The team found a location on site to store the roofing materials (Fasteners, Polyiso insulation, TPO, etc.). The materials were delivered and accepted two days a week over a 4-week span. The Highland team dedicated a construction manager on site during those days to help ensure security and quality of material. Through high level of communication with the general contractor about material delivery timelines, the dedicated construction manager kept the materials dry and secure, and provided ease of mind to the general contractor.

Under contract to complete the roof in 28 days, Highland delivered in just 24 days, despite unpredictable weather conditions. Highland’s preparation helped ensure delivery ahead of the general contractor’s deadline.

402,000 Sq.Ft.