The Highland Team

Meet the Highlanders

Highland Roofing Company is a family-owned and operated business focused on providing quality roofing solutions for commercial and industrial customers throughout the Carolinas. We pride ourselves on creative project design, quality applications and skilled industry professionals, known as “Highlanders.”

We deliver quality work at a competitive price and are committed to completing the project as promised without “nickel and diming.” This ensures our clients recommend us to their friends and colleagues, which to us is the ultimate compliment.

Highlanders believe in Teamwork first, No Hierarchy, Everyone Helps.

Chief Executive Officer
Jeanette Omdalen
Chief Financial Officer
Jamie Schmidt
Production Supervisor
Sydney Roberts
Project Manager - Wilmington
Chase Williamson, Jr.
Lead Tech
Juan Sorto Martinez
Production Cost Accountant
Laura Dean
Account Manager - Wilmington
Scott Hudson
Lead Tech
Chris Brigman
Service Department Manager
Rick Jones
Project Manager – Wilmington
Bill Kohaut
Lead Tech
Mike Jones
Production Dept. Manager
Rich Karabin
Construction Manager - Raleigh
Jonathan Connor
Estimating Department Manager
Mac McGraw
Lead Tech
Rob Hollowell
Diane Hack
Rebecca Fergusson
Roof Technician
Luis Martinez
Lead Tech
Eric Gallagher
Lead Tech
Alex Mendez
Shawn Villers
Sales & Marketing Manager
David Grandey
Service Coordinator
Heather Horak
Brian Tart
HR Director
Shari Leon
Account Manager - Raleigh
Clay Martin
Iain Fergusson
Roof Technician
Mario Amador Turcios
Account Manager - Wilmington
Craig Hartmann
Account Manager - Raleigh
Cole Bevelacqua
Construction Manager - Wilmington
Tony Hunt
Roof Technician
Charles Watson, Jr.
Sonny Samhoun
Roof Technician
Selvin Sorto
Project Manager – Raleigh
Kenneth Gens
Service Manager - Raleigh
DJ Dean
Lead Tech
Keith Adams
Account Manager - Raleigh
Eric Murray
Lead Tech
Luis Herrera Paguada
Roof Technician
Shawn Sedor