Marbles Museum

Highland Roofing Company was pleased to work on the reroof of Downtown Raleigh’s Marbles Kids Museum. The 41,500 SF project was challenging as it included three different roof assemblies and 15 separate roof levels. The scope also included removing three to six rows of brick and installing new wall flashing and replacing the brick, removing the bottom 6” to 8” of the existing EIFS and installing new metal flashing and replacing all existing drain bowls with new assemblies or retro drains.

Logistically, it was one of Highland’s toughest projects. The museum is in the middle of Downtown Raleigh which limited material storage and delivery of material or removal of trash could only happen from 3 am to 8 am. We had to use a dump trailer as there was no room to store a dumpster. The museum remained open without any disruption throughout the entire project.

41,500 Sq.Ft.