Highland Teams With Duke Energy To Provide Cool Roof Rebates

Highland Roofing Company has become an approved Duke Energy Smart $aver Alley which allows businesses to earn up to 60 cents per square foot in rebates from Duke Energy when Highland installs a qualifying cool roof and insulation product.

In addition to earning the rebate, according to studies by the Cool Roof Rating Council, businesses can save 10-30 percent on their typical cooling energy as installing a cool roof can lower the temperature of a roof up to 60 degrees during the summer. The cool roof reflects solar heat away from the roof’s surface and prevents heat absorption into the building.

“We are pleased to be a part of the Smart $aver program as it not only provides rebates to our customers, but more importantly allows them a cost-effective way to save on their long-term energy costs,” said Iain Fergusson, President and Owner of Highland Roofing Company. “Customers choosing to have any one of a number of cool roof and insulation applications installed not only save money, but it’s another way businesses can be environmentally friendly.”

Businesses can earn 10 cents per square foot in rebates for installing a cool roof with an initial solar reflectance greater than .70 which means the cool roof is reflecting 70% of the solar radiation. The cool roof must be listed in the Cool Roof Rating Council directory, applied by a licensed contractor and installed over air-conditioned space on a roof with a pitch of 2:12 or less.

Businesses can earn 50 cents per square foot in rebates for installing new insulation on existing buildings to meet or exceed the ASHRAE Standard 90 1-2010 R-value of 20. The rebate is not available in spaces where the existing insulation is already R-value of 20 or greater.