Every Corner of your Roof,
at the Tip of your Fingers


Proprietary System are meant to help our clients manage their site or portfolio at their fingertips.  Inspections, Service calls and Proposals are all done and stored within this system for peace of mind.  You can request emergency service or even an inspection with one click of a button. Everything is stored to your account which allows you to see just the sites you manage down to each section.  You can access the client mode on a computer, phone or tablet to make it easy to request a quote from your couch or the office – 24/7/365.

Best of all, our web-based roof management system is provided free to all Highland Roofing Company customers.

Key Features:

  • Property Dashboards
  • Site Inspection Reports & Budget Planning
  • Service Dispatch Command Center
  • Real-Time Service Call Tracking
  • Photo Library
  • Mobile Application & Remote Auditing
  • Executive Level Planning Reports
  • Tracking for the RoofGuard Preventative Maintenance Programs
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